Join us on our mission to create health equity for Hispanics in the US.

We are reinventing health and wellness for the under-served Hispanic community.

By focusing on the needs of our employees, we allow our employees to focus on the needs of our customers, creating an impactful and rewarding experience, and providing a healthcare solution to a population that is truly in need of one.

MiSaludians are a team of startup-minded team players.

We're comfortable with ambiguity and fast-paced remote communication. We are focused on doing good and doing well for our customers. Our teams collaborate cross-functionally every day to create customer-focused solutions for our Hispanic community.

Our Core Behaviors

Customer Obsession

MiSaludians are always curious about our customer and put them at the center of our decision making.

Growth Mindset

MiSaludians know intelligence and skills are not fixed, so we learn on the job with the support of other team members, but also unlearn to make space for new habits.


MiSaludians are adaptable in all situations: we are reliable, flexible and resilient to the ever changing needs of our startup.

Time Off & Benefits

For all full-time MiSaludians:

Unlimited PTO &
Mental Health Days

We want MiSaludians at their best, so that means giving them the best. Our team has unlimited paid time off to refresh and come back to work energized to change the world.

12-week Parental Leave

MiSaludian madres y padres are eligible for 12-weeks of flexible paid parental leave which they can take during the first 6 months of welcoming a new child through birth or adoption.

MiSalud & Full Benefits

All MiSaludians have access to MiSalud platform to improve their health, and also receive full medical and retirement benefits.

Engineering & Product Design Culture

For our Engineers & Product Designers (EPD):
(no rockstars or brilliant jerks, please)

Flexible Workplace

We are remote-first, but prefer our EPD team members be in and around GDL, CDMX, and Los Cabos. MiSaludians can work from our offices whenever they want and have found that intentional interaction is the key to  success.

Learning Budget

The EPD team has a dedicated learning budget for courses, books, and more — we believe our team thrives with our collective knowledge.

Quarterly Hosted Offsites

Our EPD team meets in-person once a quarter in Guadalajara or Mexico City to learn about our working styles, improve collaboration, and strategically plan what's coming next.

Professional Growth

Our experienced leadership team is focused on your career growth at MiSalud. We have an EPD career ladder with room for growth for individual contributors and managers alike.

Hardware & Software

Each EPD team member receives a 16" Mac Book Pro and a stipend to build out an ergonomic workspace. We're fully in the Cloud with GSuite, Slack, and other common collaboration tools.

Tech Stack

We keep things simple and elegant under a microservices architecture. Our current stack is SQL and NoSQL databases, Node.js, Socket.IO, Go, GraphQL, React, GCP and it’s services, CI/CD best practices... but we’re always open to learning and testing new technologies!

Open Positions